Our kids are learning Algebra and Calculus, are expected to memorize the periodic table and to read Shakespeare. Their marching-band routines are ever more complicated, and they are supposed to know all the plays in the playbook. But when it comes to church, we say, "Don't bother me with the details."
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Song of Sir Cedric

A Fantasy Poem

There was a time when, on IRC, I used to go by the nick SirCedric. Everyone would always ask me who this knight was, and I never had an answer to give them. So, being the creative genious that I am (*cough*), I wrote a poem that describes who this fictitious character was. I always modeled myself as an upstanding citizen on IRC—the perfect gentleman—and I still "play that part" (though I go by a different nick now: Stingray) as I still claim to be The Protector of the Underdog.