'Peace Activists' always seem to demonstrate where it's safe and ineffective to do so: in America. Why don't we see peace activists demonstrating in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, and North Korea; in the places in the world that really need peace activism the most?
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We're on our way! It's 1:50am MST and we're bedding down in Boise. The roads were excellent; the weather was cooperative with mostly thawed precipitation only in western Oregon. We might make it home tomorrow, or we might spend another night on the road; either way, its good to be out of Oregon.
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Whew...This Packing is Hard Work

moving to Colorado

We're excited about our impending move. And we're frantically trying to get as much packed as possible before the movers come. I'm a little sore right now from all the packing and lifting and shifting and weird angles I'm putting myself in to get around and into and to boxes.

This also explains the lack of activity here, so if you don't read anything here for a while, now you know.