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Busy, Busy, Busy

What's going on?

Here I am, nearly a year after the last entry, only to say that I have been very busy. I have a second job—have had it for over a year, now—and that has constricted my office time a little. Tack on taking kids to school, and that means that I can't get into the office earlier to "relieve" some of that constriction on the front end. Of course, the second job means I'm also spending more time out of the house now.

Consequently, the time I have to update my blog in any meaningful sense has severely decreased. I want to include more sermons; I have plenty to share. I also have other things that I would have liked to have written about, some of which I'm sure I have forgotten.

So, here's a short entry just to keep things "going" here; a quick update on what I've been doing and not doing.