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What Have I Become?

A Conversion...of Sorts

For just under a year now, I've been using a laptop with linux on it as my primary computer. I have gotten used to using it, and I've learned to do most everything I normally do on Windows (and those things I haven't figured out or can't, I will used my Windows machine, but those are rare times, to be sure). Basically, my windows machine has become just another place to store files, which I can access at anytime with my linux machine over our network.

But, there seems to be some sort of conversion going on...in me. I find myself having become one of those dreaded "linux users" I used to shake my head at when talking to them online. Everytime there was any kind of quirk—from a mild nuisance to full-out bug and error complaint—the gist of their response was always, "Well, linux is better." I'm finding that to be true.

The thing is, though, I remember once, while still exclusively using Windows, writing to them to stop making such claims to me because they weren't helpful. Windows has the market share; Windows is what developers develop for; Windows is what one is expected to know how to use if computer experience is required. And, at the time it was what I was used to, it was what I knew, and I didn't have the time (nor did I want to put in the effort) to learn another operating system, no matter how superior to what I was using—despite any previous experience I had with it (or ports and spoons of it).

Now, like I said, I've discovered the truth of the superiority of linux over Windows (and guess what, folks...it isn't that hard or time-consuming to learn). More than that, however, I'm becoming one of those "linux users" where I'm scorning (almost) everything that is Windows. In fact, I've become more anti-Microsoft that I ever used to be (before, I merely tolerated them).

For instance—moving into the video-gaming scene—I hear/read stories left and right of people's X-box 360s breaking down. In fact, Microsoft has admitted that the problem is bad enough since they've automatically extended everyone's warranty to 3 years (since most consoles only come with 90-day or 1-year warranties). And, the first thought that always comes to mind when people complain about this is, "And we expected better from the company that brought us Windows?"

Yup, I think my conversion is almost complete.

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