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Song of Sir Cedric

A Fantasy Poem

There was a time when, on IRC, I used to go by the nick SirCedric. Everyone would always ask me who this knight was, and I never had an answer to give them. So, being the creative genious that I am (*cough*), I wrote a poem that describes who this fictitious character was. I always modeled myself as an upstanding citizen on IRC—the perfect gentleman—and I still "play that part" (though I go by a different nick now: Stingray) as I still claim to be The Protector of the Underdog.

Part I

Honor, above all else;
	Distinguishes the true warrior
	From the malignant knave.
	It keeps his soul on the
	Side of truth and justice.

Integrity, the strength within;
	Aligns the true warrior
	On the straight and narrow path.
	It gives him character and
	Builds his style.

Pride, the warrior's wisdom;
	Without it, he knows not
	What he can accomplish.
	It develops with time and victories
	And marks the noble warrior.

Courage, the outward strenght;
	Marks the warrior as fearless,
	He will fight to the death.
	It is the warrior's weapon,
	Intimidating his opponent.

Valor, the warrior's armor;
	As white and pure as Cherub,
	As hard and strong as diamond.
	It is he who is the hero,
	Risking his life for others.

Part II

Riding out of darkness,
	Sir Cedric art atop
	His noble steed.
Wielding his sword and shield,
	The knight art victorious;
	He hath vanquished the evil.
Sir Cedric art honorable
	And returneth to his kingdom,
	Symbol of truth
	Bringer of justice.
He hath led thy good forces
	Into battle, defeated thy foe
	And rescued thy damsel.
Surely we doth respect thee,
	Sir Cedric.

Part III

Oh great warrior, tell me
Of thy deeds,
How thou hast defeated
	the evil dragons of the east,
How thou hast conquered
	the evil spirits of the south,
How thou has vanquished 
	the evil forces of the north...
Will'st thou not?

Honor, Integrity, Pride,
	Courage, Valor --
So singest Sir Cedric!
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