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The Blessings of Weekly Communion

From the Mouth of a Great Teacher

If you could see how many knives, darts, and arrows are every moment aimed at you, you would be glad to come to the Sacrament as often as possible. But there is no reason why we walk so securely and heedlessly, except that we neither think nor believe that we are in the flesh, and in this wicked world or in the kingdom of the devil. Therefore, try this and practise it well, and do but examine yourself, or look about you a little, and only keep to the Scriptures. If even then you still feel nothing, you have so much the more misery to lament both to God and to your brother. Then take advice and have others pray for you, and do not desist until the stone be removed from your heart. Then, indeed, the distress will not fail to become manifest, and you will find that you have sunk twice as deep as any other poor sinner, and are much more in need of the Sacrament against the misery which unfortunately you do not see, so that, with the grace of God, you may feel it more and become the more hungry for the Sacrament, especially since the devil plies his force against you, and lies in wait for you without ceasing to seize and destroy you, soul and body, so that you are not safe from him one hour. How soon can he have brought you suddenly into misery and distress when you least expect it!

Large Catechism V, 82-84 (Triglot)

Some comments I made:

  • Here's the thing, those people who "vote" to keep the sacrament to certain Sundays of the month are blind dictators. They do not see the "knives, darts, and arrows" aimed at them; they are blind. Then, under the guise of either "making the Sacrament more special" (because being the Lord's Supper is not special enough) or guarding against looking (Roman) Catholic, they restrict the Lord's Supper from those who do see those "knives, darts, and arrows." They tell everyone else, "No, you don't need your Lord's body and blood today."
  • It was described that the worship service without communion is like going to a fine restaurant, having the waiter tell you all about the fine cuisine, then leaving before the food arrives.

    Isn't it? You go to church, the pastor talks about Christ crucified, his body given and blood shed, the forgiveness of sins given, and then you leave before you receive that very body hidden under bread and that very blood hidden under wine given for you for the forgiveness of sins. Certainly, you leave no less forgiven than in the Divine Service, but you leave empty, hungry for more, as if you had left that fine restaurant before the food arrives, because the flesh of the Son is real food and the blood of the Son is real drink (cf. John 6:48-58).
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