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For the sake of my sanity, I’m going to reduce these entries to “What I Did This Week.” I’m tired of seeing this obnoxious load times, though they’ve gotten better the last couple of days, and dealing with it on the back end of my blog has figuratively been painful.

Along those lines, I’ve also slowed down on the update to my site’s layout. I think I’m pretty much done, but I want to improve little things here and there, plus I might delay full implementation until I’ve decided what I’m going to do about hosting, and if I’m changing, to set things up at a new host first.

So, there you have it…

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What I Did Today 20140215

the day that wasn't

We were supposed to go to Golden today to celebrate a birthday. Some friends of ours that I've known since my days in Gainesville have a daughter exactly one year younger than Robert. We were supposed to go out the Saturday previous, but people were sick. We were to try again today, but different people were sick. Who knows when this will actually happen. Interesting side-note, I know these people from IRC, and there is another family from IRC with a child born on the same day, yet one more year after this girl's birth date.

So, we stayed home. We watched some TV. I played some LEGO Legends of Chima, Laval's Journey on the PSVita. But, more than that, most of us stayed home and relaxed.

I did take a trip out early to give the truck another run. It's still as bad as yesterday, perhaps a little worse. I'm beginning to wonder if the problem really is water in the distributor cap. Maybe I knocked something loose. Maybe water got into something else were there was a crack or something. One thought I have, and my fear, is a bad fuel pump.

Once I got home, Genevieve spent some time away from home to do some shopping. That pretty much rounds out the day.

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