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Windows XP Firefox (27.0)

Now I know why. This is your favorite color?

Ubuntu Linux Google Chrome (25.0.1364.172)

I like red. I’ve copied the palette of the Calgary Flames and Abbotsford Heat of the NHL and AHL, respectively, and changed them ever so slightly. So, here’s the palette I’m using (some colors are not used, others used very sparingly):

red #d52505
light red #ff2c06
dark red #801603
greyed red #9a6550
faded red #f59585
faded red 2 #bc8c84
gold alt #fcc505
l. gold alt #fcdb70
d. gold alt #8d5e05

charcoal #36454f
platinum #e5e4e2

grey 1 #666666
grey 2 #dddddd

text #36454f
background #ffffff

At times, you might see some red/pewter like the Tampa Bucs.

Ubuntu Linux Google Chrome (25.0.1364.172)

Yeah, and as for why I emailed you, I have set a minimum width for my site, and that would be to fit on a screen that is at least set to 1200 pixels. At worst, at lower resolutions, especially the common 1024×768, you’ll not see part of the sidebar on the right, but the screen can be scrolled left and right.

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It's Here!

version 4.0

So, as you can see, the site redesign is live! I've gone to using my favorite color as the main color in the new scheme. The layout is wider; in fact, it is designed with widescreen displays in mind (or at least a horizontal resolution 1200 pixels or greater). It's all HTML5 compliant, though some older entries will likely throw errors if being validated. Some things have been moved around a little. I'm making more use of jQuery, especially and including some customized scroll bars.

I've tested the site in several browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer. It works in all of them, though it works best in Chrome. It does not render properly in older versions of Internet Explorer.

I may make more style changes here and there as I encounter things that look a little...off.

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