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What I did This Week, no. 12

baptism, computers, and confessions

I love Holy Baptism. There was one on Sunday. There is no greater joy in my job than to be the instrument through whom this means of grace is administered—to usher into the Kingdom of God a new person.

I finally bit the bullet this week. I had been authorized by the church to purchase a new computer for the office. I was hoping to find one with Windows 7 on it, before all I could find was Windows 8. My thought was that it would be easier for people to use as well as have the greater chance of being compatible with the other equipment in the office. I found one just over a month ago that would have worked, but I couldn’t get to a point where I could order it fast enough; the discount was dropped to $70 from $100. Then, on was a deal I couldn’t pass up, even though it had Windows 8 on it.

Sunday – It was a sacramental Sunday. As noted, there was a baptism. But, we also celebrated the Lord’s Supper. Because of everything else going on today, I only had the boys to catechize in the afternoon. It was a good day.

Monday – A lovely day off; nothing of any consequence to write about, though.

Tuesday – HP Pavilion 500-164: AMD A8-6500 Quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 802.11n wireless, Windows 8. The speed, power, and space on this machine was too hard to pass up, especially at a price considerably less than the computer I looked at a month ago. Oh, I also got the homily for tomorrow night written and looked at some stuff for Sunday.

Wednesday – A day in the office was followed by a short time at home before it was time to go back to church for supper. Preaching on Gethsemane was short and sweet; my homily for this evening was only 1 page! But, Jesus was given and received.

Thursday – An early morning saw a fantastic discussion at Bible Study this morning. It was amazing the topics we covered as we discussed the section of Galatians we were in. After breakfast, it was time to go to Centennial for the Colorado Confessional Lutherans meeting. We’re still making our way through Apology IV, which led to the question of whether the distinction between objective and subjective justification was important; in my estimation, it may be fruitful academically, but practically speaking, the distinction is not all that important.

Friday – Well, I got something of a sermon done. I had a little help from a friend, which is always appreciated. We were to host Bible Study tonight, too, so back home to prepare for that. 7 o’clock came quickly, and so did our guests. Genevieve prepared some amazing desserts, and we read throu about half of the book of Tobit. Let’s just say, with regard to Tobit, that if you’re going to sleep outside without your face covered and your eyes closed, don’t complain if you go blind when sparrows poop on you.

Saturday – I played a little NHL 14 today, watched the real Lightning lose in overtime to the Penguins, then did a few little things with javascript and jQuery to my website while watching Around the World in 80 Days with the family. Now, I’m writing this blog entry and eating supper. It’ll be bedtime soon.

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