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What I Did This Week, no. 14

smoke and spice and busted hoses

Something busted this week. It can be fixed. It will be fixed. It’ll just take a little time...more like it’ll wait for the right time. Otherwise, this week has been pretty normal. I also got to barbecue again for the first time since January.

Sunday – Once again, Jesus came to His people in Word and Sacrament. There was a time of catechesis with two boys of the congregation. And there was some time to relax—good thing, too, as I get the Sunday dumbs on Sunday afternoons.

Monday – I love my day off. I get to look back at the week that was and reflect on the work that I’ve done. I get to keep work at the office as I keep my mind off of the things of work (though this part’s a little harder).

Tuesday – Back in the office again. I spent some time working on the homily for tomorrow night. Then, I had to go to Elbert to pay the garbage bill. It was a windy day, it was tough keeping my little truck on the road. On the way back, the lower radiator hose finally blew. I was kind of expecting it to happen since the truck is over 30 years old and I had replaced the upper hose over the summer. I was able to make it back to church without overheating the engine. So, Genevieve and the kids came to pick me up; I could have walked home to get the van, but I didn’t want to be walking around the wind (there were some pretty strong gusts).

Wednesday – So, I took the van to the office. I completed the sermon for tonight and took stock of just how many sermons I needed to prepare for the coming weeks; I’ve got a plan. This evening, I confirmed that it was the lower hose—relatively easy fix, it’s just a matter of being able to get to it. It started snowing overnight.

Thursday – I got up at my usual time and looked outside: 5 inches of wet, heavy snow and still falling pretty good. I’m not going to Bible Study breakfast. But, I’m still going to the office. Before I go in, though, I stop in at Napa to get a new lower hose. I figure it would be something they would have to have delivered; I wasn’t expecting that it would come in the same day. I got home a little later than usual as I picked up the new hose and some anti-freeze. Hey, it’s a free coolant flush, right?

Friday – Sermon for Sunday done. Some materials for Bible Study printed. Then the evening came and it was time to drive to Kiowa for Bible Study. We talked a lot before actually getting to the study. We’re dropping the Apocrypha for a while, and starting in Genesis. So, for the little bit of time we actually gave to study, we looked at some of what I printed: Luther’s lecture on Genesis—the first few paragraphs.

Saturday – It was barbecue day. I made two slabs of ribs outside in the smoker, and two other slabs in the oven inside. I have had a taste for smoked meat for a while. What I made was delicious; I love this recipe for Apple City Ribs. It’s out of a book called Smoke & Spice, otherwise, I would share it. Suffice it to say, it includes apple juice or cider and cinnamon.

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