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Maybe I should have included something about getting Bowe back; I’m glad we got one of our men back (what he’s done/why he did it to be determined). But at the same time, I didn’t want the little good thing to overshadow all of the illegal stuff.

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As expected, so far, I haven’t heard anything back. Some representation I’ve got. Now, I’m sure he’s received more than a few emails, perhaps fielded a few calls or received a few emails. Certainly by now, though, he should have been able to respond.

Still, I’m not holding my breath…

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took almost a year for mine to answer

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I just got a response. He supports and continues to support vigorous investigations. He doesn’t support impeachment. CHICKEN.

He claims that “this administration” has repeatedly “breached the public trust.” But he refrains from saying that the president broke the law. CHICKEN!

I certainly do not support him.

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Well, I Just Emailed My Representative

Cory Gardner

Here is the text of the email I just sent my US Representative.

Rep. Gardner,

The time is NOW. We should have had enough of the president circumventing the law to suit what he thinks is right. The events of yesterday are over the top. Why are we not hearing anything from congress with regard to the 30 days notice he is supposed to give you before releasing prisoners from Guantanamo? Why are we not hearing anything from congress with regard to the fact that his administration negotiated with terrorists? Why is there no outrage over the fact that five top-level terrorists were released, supposedly to spend a year in Qatar, but that we all know will go right back to plotting terrorists acts against the United States? His administration has even admitted to breaking the law. What are you waiting for?

Suspend your campaign for the senate and see to the work you are currently elected to by impeaching President Obama.

Thank you.
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