Our kids are learning Algebra and Calculus, are expected to memorize the periodic table and to read Shakespeare. Their marching-band routines are ever more complicated, and they are supposed to know all the plays in the playbook. But when it comes to church, we say, "Don't bother me with the details."
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I awoke this morning without the fever, but I have been sweating easily pretty much all day.

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What I Did This Week, no. 28


It’s nice to have a week that is back to “normal.” I was able to be in the office every work day this week. I was able to get to Bible Study on Thursday morning. The regular weekday classes were held this week. It was quite a contrast from last week. Oh, and there was Cow Appreciation Day.

Sunday – As mentioned in the last post, the preaching was mostly borrowed. Catechesis for the boys happened right after church. The rest of the day was the Sunday dumbs.

Monday – A day off like most others: relaxing as much as possible in the summer heat.

Tuesday – As I usually do in the office on Tuesday, I looked at this Sunday’s lection, mostly in preparation for the sermon. The afternoon was pretty much a slow one, though I did go back to the office to meet with some members.

Wednesday – Back in the office to do a little more study and prep, and get a few other things done. The hymn was picked for tonight, then it was back home for a short bit. Back at church for Lutheran Confessions Study.

Thursday – An early morning to finish studying Philippians and begin Colossians. I was the teacher at the morning class. Then it was into the office to shore up sermon plans. It was a pretty quiet afternoon at home.

Friday – Cow Appreciation Day...not that there is any particular reason to set aside a day to appreciate the bovine, but the second Friday in July is the day Chick-fil-a designates as such. Dress up like a cow and get a free meal. Of course, I needed to spend time in the office, first. Got the sermon written, and still had time for a few other things, so I got those done, too. Then, it was time to go home, don the cow clothes, and get a free lunch. Wait, first, I was called back to church to jump a truck; unfortunately, the battery cable contacts were so corroded, that one of them was corroded all the way through. Now, it was time to get ready to go to Chick-fil-a. We went with a member from church, had lunch, hung around for a bit, then headed to Parker for free Slurpees (it was 7/11). Then home, and shortly thereafter, to Bible Study for me.

Saturday – Today was kind of a weird day. I was feeling really sore, like perhaps I slept wrong. So the day was spent doing some pain management. By the time it was time to go to bed, I was running a fever.

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