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Another Ubuntu

another box

So, the last update was about a box that I normally use for my own computing. I've also had some other linux adventures.

First, I got a Raspberry Pi, a little ARM-based computer that packs a pretty good punch given it's size and processing. I had tried to use it for a media server, and it works okay for that, but it isn't the best, especially with the media being in a network attached storage device (well, sort of; it's on a USB3.0 external HDD attached to the router).

Second, that laptop that I had Ubuntu 10.10 on? Well, since switching to another machine, I installed Linux Mint on it. The computer, itself, is in pretty rough shape thanks to some poor handling by the children, but it runs Mint just fine. It's a nice little operating system, too.

But, I also have another Ubuntu machine. I don't recall when, but I got a micro tower Dell (think the kind you can find in ER rooms) that came with Windows 10. Of course I would put something else on there—Ubuntu Budgie. It is our more powerful media server for the detached media drive. Intel i5 with 8GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD. We have it attached to our TV as the monitor, so we also use it to Skype as a family from the living room. I've thought about putting a USB3.0 card in so that I could attached the HDD directly to it, but it's working well enough as it is.

So, there's the updated update. Another post...it works.

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