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  • What I Did Today 20140214
    The truck ran pretty good, today. It didn't hesitate at all on the way to church; only a little on the way back home, and that only briefly, compared to what happened on W
  • What I Did Today 20140207
    So, after a day away from the office, the temperatures were remarkably warmer, so back into the office I went. While there, I put together a sermon with the help of a brot
  • What I Did Today 20140131
    It was predicted that we were to get 6 to 10 inches of snow by this morning. I woke up to 2. I went to the church to write the sermon. When I got there, though, I cleared
  • What I Did Today 20140117
    My time in the office this morning was spent writing the sermon I had rambling through my head for the past week. As you'll see on Sunday, the wedding at Cana is not about
  • What I Did Today 20140116
    The morning began early. I was aroused from my sleep by the sound of the floor above me creaking. Someone was up there. It was a few minutes before my alarm was to go off,
  • What I Did Today 20140110
    By now, my routine may be boring you. I don't blame you. I do seem to do the same things almost every day. Tuesday through Friday: office, home, sleep—with some variation.
  • What I Did Today 20140109
    It was a simple day, today. Like I said yesterday, an earlier day in that I left the house earlier than I do on other days. Up at 5:30, into the shower, and out the door t
  • What I Did Today 20140103
    Another morning in the office. Couldn't get my head around the text for Monday, so I borrowed a sermon, making some changes here and there. I put the handout for Monday to

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