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  • Hey Look, I'm Going to Ramble about Formula 1
    A few weeks ago, Renault F1 was accused of fixing the race result for the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. They reportedly ordered their number 2 driver, Nelson Piquet Jr., to c
  • F1 Darlings
    In the closing stages of Sunday's Belgian Grand Prix, McLaren's Lewis Hamilton passed Ferrari's Kimi Räikkönen to take the lead. The only problem was that Hamilton cut a c
  • Spying in Sports
    Word out of the NFL is that the Patriots of New England are getting fined and losing a draft pick. Punishment for what? Spying on their opponents; at least, video taping t
  • My Interest is Re-Piqued
    In high school, I developed an interest in auto racing, and this developed more in my college years. Now, in case you didn't know, I went to high school in the "deep south
  • I Didn't Have My Fun
    Now, it's gone too far. Some "lamer" is suing everyone in sight (related to Formula 1) because only six cars raced. I guess he (and the other two parties also bringing lit
  • Um, Shut Up, People
    Yesterday, in Indianapolis, was run the U.S. Grand Prix, a Formula 1 race run on a modified road course inside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, site of the Indy 500. In ca

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