That our ultimate picture of success is a crucified Messiah means any conversation about success will be incompatible with a "bigger is better" mentality
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  • Libya?
    I can't understand what's so different about Libya that it's okay for this administration to support US action against a dictator who threatens and has taken action agains
  • Current Health Care Reform is Unconstitutional
    What follows is a powerful letter by a former constitutional lawyer regarding the recently passed health care bill. It was written well before the bill was passed, but it
  • A Warning to Congress
    I've already written my current congressmen regarding O's health care reform bill (or desires or whatever). But, I want to put the word out here, so that it's seen and so
  • Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
    The word antichrist (notice I didn't capitalize it) appears infrequently in the Bible. Outside of First and Second John, there are various references to an antichrist sent
  • Something to Think About
    I received this video in an email, then went to search for it on Youtube so that I could post it here. Alan Keyes speaks about O. There is one thing in there that I knew a
  • Defending the O
    Many are criticizing O for having created an NCAA Tournament bracket and appearing on Leno. They say he should be spending his time on more pressing issues, such as the ec
  • No Obama-nation
    It would do you well to watch this video.

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