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  • What I Did Today 20141231
    I actually went into the office today. I needed to do so in order to write the sermon for tomorrow's Divine Service. I went in with one idea for a sermon; what I ended up
  • What I Did Today 20140213
    As I mentioned yesterday, I took the van today. While I'm confident that the problem with the truck is water in the distributor cap, I didn't want to lose power because of
  • What I Did Today 20140211
    So, the morning came, and I headed into the office. Before I left, I let Genevieve know that there was a 1pm showing of The LEGO Movie that I would like to take the kids t
  • What I Did Today 20140207
    So, after a day away from the office, the temperatures were remarkably warmer, so back into the office I went. While there, I put together a sermon with the help of a brot
  • What I Did Today 20140206
    Something is going on with my host. So, I hope this entry gets posted. I thought at first that I may have caused it, but I'm thinking that what I was doing happened coinci
  • What I Did Today 20140205
    Brrr. It was cold when I headed to the office. But, in I went. I did some more sermon preparation, so I have a better idea what to do for the sermon, but I'm not totally c
  • What I Did Today 20140129
    My morning time in the office was spent doing a little more sermon study. I was able to get a little more direction for Sunday from the Old Testament lesson appointed for
  • What I Did Today 20140108
    A day at the office saw some preparation for the voters' meeting at the end of the month and some textual study for Sunday's sermon. I think I have a direction I want to g

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