Our kids are learning Algebra and Calculus, are expected to memorize the periodic table and to read Shakespeare. Their marching-band routines are ever more complicated, and they are supposed to know all the plays in the playbook. But when it comes to church, we say, "Don't bother me with the details."
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  • What I Did Today 20140113
    Today we made homemade pizza! The morning was slow, more-or-less. I played the gold medal game in my Sochi Olympic hockey simulation, and trounced Canada. Now, I can get b
  • What I Did Today 20140111
    I slept in this morning. It felt good. Normally, I'm up at my alarm (or earlier) at 5:30. I turned it off this morning and fell back asleep. I finally got out of bed after
  • What I Did Today 20140110
    By now, my routine may be boring you. I don't blame you. I do seem to do the same things almost every day. Tuesday through Friday: office, home, sleep—with some variation.
  • What I Did Today 20140108
    A day at the office saw some preparation for the voters' meeting at the end of the month and some textual study for Sunday's sermon. I think I have a direction I want to g
  • What I Did Today 20140107
    Finally, a day off! This felt like an especially long Christmas season, so it was good, after yesterday, to have a day off. I spent the day doing most of the work on my NH
  • What I Did Today 20140106
    The morning saw me at the church office. I was working on some catechesis stuff, mostly. I also prepared the wax warmer to receive a cube scented like frankincense and myr
  • What I Did Today 20140104
    In preparation for Monday's Divine Service...well, the preceding potluck, I smoked a pork picnic. Chopped pork is going to be delicious, as always! While it smoked, I did
  • What I Did Today 20140103
    Another morning in the office. Couldn't get my head around the text for Monday, so I borrowed a sermon, making some changes here and there. I put the handout for Monday to
  • What I Did Today 20140102
    Today, I went into the office and prepared a sermon for Sunday. Nothing like closing out the Christmas season with a bloody text. Other than that, it was back home to rela

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