We go to the Lord’s Supper as though going to our death, so that we may go to our death as though going to the Lord’s Supper.
‹Rev. Dr. Ken Korby›
Atlantis: the domain of the Stingray
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Song of Sir Cedric

A Fantasy Poem

There was a time when, on IRC, I used to go by the nick SirCedric. Everyone would always ask me who this knight was, and I never had an answer to give them. So, being the creative genious that I am (*cough*), I wrote a poem that describes who this fictitious character was. I always modeled myself as an upstanding citizen on IRC—the perfect gentleman—and I still "play that part" (though I go by a different nick now: Stingray) as I still claim to be The Protector of the Underdog.