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Archive List of Hymns

This is a selection of hymns I have written. Please read and enjoy them. If you wish to reproduce them for publication, please be sure to read the copyright information regarding hymns. If you wish to reproduce them for personal use, please feel free to do so.

The hymns are listed below by the calendar year in which they were posted to the site. For years that have nothing listed under them, click the plus sign next to the year to expand that year.

If you hover over a referenced Bible passage, a tooltip-like box will pop up with the first few verses from that passage; you can click on the reference to read the entire passage (provided by RefTagger, a service of Logos). The translation in the tooltip-like boxes will be the New King James Version.

There are a total of 4 hymns posted to the site.

*2007 (hymns: 1)
*2004 (hymns: 1)
*2003 (hymns: 1)
*2002 (hymns: 1)