If God meant for us to eat raw fish, He would not have invented fire.
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Atlantis: the domain of the Stingray

Old Impromptu Moblog

All the Old Mobile Phone Pictures

I said I was going to update the site to include the old moblog "posts." I finally got around to writing something and adding it to the site here. These thumbnails are arranged from oldest to newest. Click on a thumbnail to view a larger picture with the other information I included when I sent the "post."

At the BeachBusch GardensJose GasparPanama the Dolphin
Multnomah FallsMultnomah FallsMultnomah FallsMultnomah Falls
Multnomah FallsOld NavyMillipedeOregon Zoo
Oregon ZooOn the FarmNear the End of a Long DayAt the Mall
Lincoln City ShorelineLincoln City ShorelineLincoln City ShorelineCar Trips are So Hard
Mt. St. Helens